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21/08/2015 APDSI and DEMSA to merge view/download
06/07/2015 Regulatory Strategies June 2015 Data Protection newsletter view/download
08/06/2015 Regulatory Strategies May 2015 Data Protection update view/download
07/05/2015 Regulatory Strategies April 2015 Data Protection Update view/download
06/05/2015 APDSI member EDA Debt Solutions continues with growth plans view/download
27/04/2015 DRF/DEMSA Conference on 1 October 2015 view/download
23/04/2015 AiB Personal Insolvencies - April 2014 press release view/download
17/04/2015 MALG Debt and Mental Health Guidance view/download
17/04/2015 Update on Bankruptcy and Debt Advice (Scotland) Act 2014 view/download
17/04/2015 Regulatory Strategies - March 2015 Data Protection bulletin view/download
17/04/2015 Regulatory Strategies - February 2015 Data Protection bulletin view/download
17/04/2015 Regulatory Strategies - January 2015 Data Protection bulletin view/download
17/01/2015 APDSI 2015 Strategic Bulletin - Strategic Challenges view/download
16/01/2015 Regulatory Strategies - December 2014 Data Protection update view/download
06/12/2014 Regulatory Strategies November Data Protection Update view/download
17/11/2014 APDSI response to MAS Standard Financial Statement consultation view/download
17/11/2014 Regulatory Strategies October Data Protection Update view/download
08/10/2014 Regulatory Strategies September 2014 Data Protection Newsletter view/download
19/09/2014 Regulatory Strategies August 2014 Data Protection Newsletter view/download
19/09/2014 APDSI warning after FCA enforcement action against three DM firms view/download
19/09/2014 APDSI selects Hitec's OpRiskControl to support FCA compliance for members view/download
14/08/2014 Q2 2014 Insolvency Statistics view/download
14/08/2014 APDSI General Bulletin in August 2014 view/download
02/08/2014 Regulatory Strategies July 2014 Data Protection Newsletter view/download
07/07/2014 Regulatory Strategies - June 2014 Data Protection Newsletter view/download
04/07/2014 APDSI Training Prospectus view/download
08/06/2014 Regulatory Strategies - May 2014 Data Protection Update view/download
08/05/2014 Regulatory Strategies - March 2014 Data Protection update view/download
08/05/2014 Regulatory Strategies - April 2014 Data Protection Update view/download
31/03/2014 APDSI bulletin on regulatory fees and application timetable view/download
28/03/2014 APDSI update: Last chance to check readiness for new FCA regime view/download
11/03/2014 Hitec joins APDSI as an Affiliate Member view/download
09/03/2014 Regulatory Strategies February 2014 Data Protection Update view/download
02/03/2014 APDSI comments on FCA final rules and policy statement (PS14/3) view/download
28/02/2014 APDSI bulletin covering new FCA rules and ICO/Ofcom complaints view/download
15/02/2014 APDSI sets out its 2014 strategic challenges view/download
08/02/2014 Regulatory Strategies - January Data Protection update view/download
10/01/2014 Regulatory Strategies - December 2013 - Data Protection Newsletter view/download
20/12/2013 Claims Management Regulator - Special PPI Bulletin view/download
16/12/2013 Important revisions to FCA consultation (CP13/14) on Application Fees view/download
13/12/2013 FCA make clear their approach to enforcing the consumer credit regime view/download
12/12/2013 FCA announces CCL rebate scheme before transfer of consumer credit view/download
04/12/2013 APDSI Affiliate - Regulatory Strategies - November 2013 Data Protection Newsletter view/download
20/11/2013 Article by Regulatory Strategies - FCA transition view/download
04/10/2013 Melanie Giles, APDSI director, wins Insolvency award view/download
04/10/2013 FCA vision on the Consumer Credit regime from April 2014 view/download
02/09/2013 FCA guide to registering for Interim Permissions and early registration discounts view/download
02/09/2013 APDSI Bulletin - Summary of changes to DAS from July 2013 view/download
17/07/2013 OFT and FCA issue joint letter - path to 'interim permission' view/download
21/06/2013 APDSI support MAS Debt Advice Quality Framework view/download
30/05/2013 APDSI bulletin on FOS annual report 2012-2013 view/download
09/05/2013 APDSI response to the FCA consultation paper (CP13/7) view/download
20/04/2013 One thousand pound threshold introduced for Charging Orders from April 2013 view/download
14/04/2013 APDSI supports strengthening of Claims Management Regulations view/download
15/03/2013 OFT has published new licence fees from April 2013 view/download
15/03/2013 FCA's proposed consumer credit regime - March 2013 view/download
07/02/2013 APDSI support progress on Debt Management Protocol view/download
05/02/2013 Regulatory Strategies - January 2013 - Data Protection Newsletter view/download
02/02/2013 The evolving Date Protection Landscape in 2013 view/download
24/01/2013 FSA/OFT issue guidance on payment protection products view/download
20/01/2013 APDSI Bulletin - Strategic Challenges 2013 view/download
14/01/2013 FOS draft business plan 2013/2014 - increased adjudication fees view/download
14/01/2013 APDSI member bulletin - April 2012 - FOS adjudication fee 2012/2013 view/download
12/01/2013 OFT imposes requirements on RBS and NatWest regarding use of Charging Orders view/download
01/01/2013 Trading Standards Institute (TSI) takes over Consumer Codes Approval Scheme view/download
09/12/2012 APDSI response to OFT1458 - Power to Suspend a CCL view/download
04/12/2012 December 2012 - Data Protection update from Regulatory Strategies view/download
06/11/2012 Regulatory Strategies - October Data Protection Update view/download
04/11/2012 Evolving Data Protection Landscape view/download
12/10/2012 APDSI response to MoJ consultation on the conducts of CMCs view/download
27/08/2012 Alasdair Warwood Obituary view/download
27/08/2012 APDSI bulletin on new OFT consultation process to suspend a CCL view/download
20/07/2012 APDSI welcomes new OFT powers strengthening consumer credit protection view/download
01/07/2012 APDSI found member EuroDebt publishes Introducer Survey Results view/download
29/06/2012 EuroDebt Introducers broker survey results - June 2012 view/download
21/04/2012 APDSI become member of MALG view/download
24/03/2012 APDSI welcomes updated OFT Debt Management Guidance view/download
01/03/2012 APDSI February Member Bulletin view/download
15/02/2012 APDSI Director - Melanie Giles - Interview with DMT view/download
15/02/2012 APDSI on the FSA closure of Sale & Rent Back view/download
10/02/2012 APDSI Director - Kevin Still - In Profile by Miranda Atty of DMT view/download
19/01/2012 Alasdair Warwood on OFT Misleading and Otherwise Undesirable Trading Names view/download
19/01/2012 APDSI celebrates first anniversary at Mortgage Business Expo 2011 view/download
19/01/2012 APDSI support TrigoldCrystal Business Academy events into 2012 view/download
19/01/2012 Release Money Group becomes APDSI founder member view/download
11/11/2011 Thomson Cooper appointed as affiliate member view/download
11/11/2011 Y35 Debt Rescue appointed as affiliate member view/download
11/11/2011 Alasdair Warwood Blog view/download
27/06/2011 APDSI comments on revised OFT debt management guidelines view/download
13/06/2011 Mark Beesley Appointment view/download
10/11/2010 New trade association created to help imtermediaries comply with consumer credit regulations view/download

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