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Pentagon (UK) Limited trades as EuroDebt Financial Services and has two separately licensed subsidiaries also offering specialist services to indebted consumers. These are Atlantic Finance (UK) Limited, trading as Atlantic Financial Management, and MoneySave Financial Solutions Limited.

All Group companies offer all-round debt advice and a range of debt solutions for individuals facing financial difficulties. The different companies are designed to provide a range of choice for consumers, depending on their circumstances and how they would like to receive advice and on-going support (e.g. face-to-face, over the telephone).

All companies offer a full range of debt solutions, including Debt Management Plans (DMPs), Individual Voluntary Arrangements (IVAs), Protected Trust Deeds (Scotland) and Bankruptcy Assistance services.

Kevin Still is the appointed representative from the Pentagon Group. Kevin is a member of the Institute of Credit Management and has had a 26-year career in the credit and debt management industries, holding a number of executive position and strategic consultancy roles.

Founding Member - Melanie Giles

Melanie Giles is the Insolvency Practitioner and leading force behind three successful insolvency and business recovery businesses, providing a wide range of debt solutions operating across the UK. Melanie’s personal mission is to identify and meet the needs of consumers in financial difficulty, with the main aim of providing a more efficient and cost effective solution to stakeholders and clients alike, in line with moving changes in legislation and lender focus. Within Philip Gill & Co, her national business support and turnaround practice, Melanie successfully rescues a number of struggling SME businesses each year, enabling the preservation of employment, customer base and local enterprise.

Since qualifying as an Insolvency Practitioner in 1996, Melanie initially worked primarily on corporate insolvency but became more involved in personal insolvency from 1999 onwards. Melanie decided to set up her own firms in 2002 in order to return to dealing with individual clients at a grass roots level, which she has continued to do as her operations have expanded - still retaining that very personal “hands on” approach.

Melanie enjoys a high degree of respect from the main stakeholder and lending industry, and is successful at getting over 98% of the IVA proposals she presents accepted at creditor meeting, with a high success rate of eventually returning the dividend levels originally pledged. These statistics are largely unrivalled amongst other firms which operate at similar volume levels. Melanie’s vision to create a specialist firm tailored to the needs of consumer debtors, has now resulted in an operation which treats clients as individuals, produces fully researched and validated proposals in line with current industry protocol, and delivers results to creditors who have chosen to support the accepted solution.

Melanie gives freely of her spare time to act as a forum expert on a number of leading consumer websites, and is known for delivering no-nonsense support and technical advice about a wide variety of debt related matters. She is frequently engaged in the media as an expert spokesperson with regard to debt related issues, is regularly invited to speak at debt related conferences, and often writes articles for trade and industry journals about current consumer debt related issues.

Melanie is married and lives in the Vale of Glamorgan. When not working, Melanie is a keen skier and scuba-diver, and having dual nationality she comfortably supports the Welsh rugby team alongside her passionate interest in English cricket.

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